Monday, December 3, 2012

Occupy Nonsense

INSIDE A bare-bones office in the corner of an Old City union warehouse, members of the local Occupy movement are sitting in a circle beneath fluorescent lights, plotting their next move.
It's not quite the same vibe, though, as last year, when hundreds of Occupiers staked a claim on Dilworth Plaza for 56 days. No one here has a bullhorn. No one's disguising himself with a bandanna or a Guy Fawkes mask, or planning to go march against something corporate.
These seven or so people are sharing bagels and clementines, taking notes together, and earnestly discussing how to help those who lost everything in Superstorm Sandy. Later in the day, organizer Nathan Kleinman will head to Wildwood to visit people living in hotels, their homes up north destroyed by floodwaters.
"Mostly, what they need out there is volunteers. The main function of this space, in my view, should be as a volunteer hub," Kleinman, 30, tells the group gathered around him. "We shouldn't be stressing out over the stuff. We'll develop a plan to use all that stuff."
Apparently, everyone is smarter than I am.  I can't seem to understand how the Philadelphia Inquirer heard about an impromtu meeting of seven people sitting around eating bagels and clementines in an abandoned warehouse.  That's some mighty good investigative reporting.  Someone really knows their beat.  What luck that the seven people were on their best behavior and not taking a dump on a police car or anything to that effect when Philly's largest media outlet gave these seven people eating bagels front page coverage.

Besides, it's really hard to eat a clementine while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. 

"One of the next things we'll look at is jobs, how to find jobs for all the people who lost them because of the storm," he says, touring the hall before he heads off to Wildwood.
I have a question.  These kids who are going to look for jobs for the people that lost them due to the is it that they have the free time available to do that?  Don't they have jobs?  How do they support themselves?  Oh...right...we support them.  Gosh I love publicity stunt do-gooder crap. 

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