Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lincoln to be Screened in the Senate

From: Deadline
EXCLUSIVE: I’ve just learned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has invited Steven Spielberg to screen Lincoln on December 19th 12th. But what’s different about this invitation is that Reid is offering to provide the U.S. Senate to Spielberg as the theatre. Reid’s invite only recently went out — and I’m told Spielberg will accept for his movie to play in the historic setting.
What I find amusing about this is the fact that Speilberg did not re-write history for the movie "Lincoln."  The Democrats are shown in their full colors as they fight tooth and nail to avoid the passing of the 13th Amendment.  The representatives of the Confederate Government (Democrat as well) take the same stance.

In short, you have a film that actually highlights that the Republicans (both party and Radical) support the abolition of slavery, while Democrats do not.  It's a shame that Robert Byrd will not be there to see it. 

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