Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fatalism on Display

Trevor Paglen’s The Last Pictures is a project that marks one of these spacecraft with a visual record of our contemporary historical moment. Paglen spent five years interviewing scientists, artists, anthropologists, and philosophers to consider what such a cultural mark should be. Working with materials scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Paglen developed an artifact designed to last billions of years—an ultra-archival disc, micro-etched with one hundred photographs and encased in a gold-plated shell. In Fall 2012, the communications satellite EchoStar XVI will launch into geostationary orbit with the disc mounted to its anti-earth deck. While the satellite’s broadcast images are as fleeting as the light-speed radio waves they travel on, The Last Pictures will remain in outer space slowly circling the Earth until the Earth itself is no more.
There's a video explaining the project at the link above.  I watched it...and it made me laugh.  What could be so funny about a fatalistic project to reach fruition only after humanity fails to exist any longer? 

Well...how about the fatalism as a whole.  I don't know about these clowns calling our demise, but I'm thinking that by the time the Earth succumbs to our Sun turning into a Red Giant, humanity will have colonized elsewhere.  But, even that isn't the funny part...really.  The funny part is that the video includes some of the images they plan to use including one of a mountain glacier that by using two separate images suggests the glacier is being destroyed by humanity. 

Yes, my friends...if it's at all possible these people want to get their message of anthropomorphic global warming out to the aliens billions of years from now.  After all, you have to control the narrative.

Personally, I think we should be including images of Paris Hilton,  Lindsay Lohan and the entire State of California so that when the aliens catch up to humanity on some distant planet, they underestimate us.

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