Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enjoyed this Taki Take Immensely

*SNORT*  Kathy Shaidle takes down Gwen Stefani in a Taki piece.  But, I had to post this paragraph (because I like to offend...and she does it better than I can).  You'll notice I left in her links so I don't have any mouthbreathers crying about posting policy nonsense.  And for you perpetual whiners out there who can't seem to understand that factual criticism might hurt a little, go over to Iran and ask them to go easy on women and homosexuals.  Wear a helmet.

Every word of it is true...read and enjoy.

Sorry, too, “Palestinians.” Now entering their—what?—fourth generation as “refugees” (a world-historical record!), “Palestinians” have one other accomplishment to their (made-up) name: They discovered the secret to immortality, albeit through faking their own deaths on video and faking their own lives on paper. And somehow I missed that Hitler Channel special, “Inside the Mansions, Sports Cars, and Shopping Malls of Bergen-Belsen.”
Kathy's blog is linked on the side.  For convenience:  Five Feet of Fury

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