Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Like Randy Newman Doing the Soundtrack for Dr. Zhivago

I caught the trailer for "Gangster Squad" the other day and I had to shake my head to get the marbles moving again.  I think a lost a few IQ points taking in all the snappy one liners.  But, that's not what bothered me the most (and that's saying something).

Keep in mind, this is a 1950's era film about the rise of Mickey Cohen.  I'll say that again.  It takes place throughout the 1950's.  So to set the tone and hook you in, the trailer music is a rap by Jay-Z.  While that noisy garbage is playing, the trailer institutes Wachowski/The Matrix like slow motion multi-view renditions of violence.

As far as I'm aware, rap wasn't even invented until the late seventies.  Mickey Cohen was dead by then.

Here...see for yourself.  If this is a reflection of our popular culture, I much rather be considered eccentric.

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