Saturday, October 6, 2012

How Do You Define a Third World Country?

(Dateline Zimbabwe)
President Robert Mugabe launched a controversial and often-violent land reform programme which dispossessed thousands of white commercial farmers of productive farmland in what government said was a move to resettle landless blacks and address historical injustices.
However, most of the prime farmland was grabbed by senior Zanu PF officials who are now failing to utilise it fully, leaving vast tracts of once productive agricultural land lying derelict. Zanu PF has resisted calls for a land audit as outlined in the Global Political Agreement. About 10 Supreme and High Court judges are listed among prominent beneficiaries of the expropriated farms.
It's not exactly rocket science...a corrupt government sets a goal, and achieves the goal, while passing out the spoils to those that allowed it to transpire without worrying about anyone getting in the way.  That is a third world country.

Justice Hungwe confirmed he owned Gretton Farm saying “just like any other citizen I am entitled to benefit from a government scheme”.
Gold, Jerry....Gold.    Now think about Solyndra and all the other green energy failures where Obama donors received guaranteed loans....think about Fast & Furious which was an effort to stunt the Second Ammendment that resulted in hundreds of deaths...think about nearly every program and parcel touched by our current president.  Now...

How do you define a third world country?

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