Friday, October 5, 2012

Would Someone in the Media Please Acknowledge These Deaths???

I linked to the Yemen Post a couple days ago concerning the deaths of Ali Abdullah Saif Al-Aghabri and Maraim Mohammad Al-Zahri in Yemen.  Both were described as US doctors who specialized in cosmetic surgery.  One could deduce from that description that they addressed deformities presumably in children.  Although, that was not spelled out in the article. 

What I find unconscionable is that the US Media has not filed one story in reference to these two murders.  Why?

Is it because:

1.  It never happened?

2.  The victims were of some profession other than provided that requires a media blackout?

3.  Were they mis-identified as Americans?

4.  Or, would the reporting of murdered US doctors in a foreign Muslim country reflect negatively on President Obama's foreign policy abilities?

These murders, allegedly, took place three+ days ago.  Where is the US media?

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