Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Form of Liberal Media Bias

USA Today (Gannet Owned) is the second most circulated daily media newspaper in the country.  They are second only to the Wall Street Journal. 

Today they have a full board of articles dealing with the 2012 Election.  Every single article deals with the presidential election except one.  That one article deals with Todd Aiken's US Senate race.  There are thirty-three (33) US Senate seats up for grabs.  There are four hundred-thirty-five (435) up for grabs in the US House.

The only article in US politics highlighted in the USA Today election coverage other than the presidential race plays close attention to the embarrassment of the Republican Party.  There were 468 other choices to focus on specifically, but they chose to do an article on the individual Republican who casts the worst shadow on the party.

That is media bias as well.

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