Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Occupy Dilettante

Malcolm Harris fought the law — and the law won.
The Occupy Wall Street protester arrested on the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge in October 2011, who made prosecutors’ rights to gain access to published but deleted Twitter postings the center of his minor criminal charge, pleaded guilty this morning to disorderly conduct.
Under a plea deal, Harris was sentenced to six days community service at a private nonprofit if his choice. He faced a maximum of 15 days in jail.
He likely could still appeal the ruling and continue to argue against social media searches, a key argument throughout his case.
At the brief hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court, the tweet that brought the OWS protester to his knees was first revealed: “We took the bridge.”
OK...just so I'm clear...Malcolm Harris and his Occupy pals tried to disrupt traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge.  They were successful.  Malcolm bragged about that on his twitter, and was arrested.  Fine...

But, in trying to appear innocent, Malcolm and his council tried to keep the Twitter out of Court because it was deleted from his account...even through Twitter is basically a public form of communication. 

The only thing that strikes me from this story is that Malcolm and the rest of his Occupy dilettantes must not possess much conviction in their own beliefs, of they would gladly take credit for their actions...unless they knew they were in the wrong...which they did.  Now if we could only get the local governments and law enforcement agencies and courts to actually teach that lesson.  Six days of community service  teaches nothing.

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