Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fat Kid with a New Toy

The launch of the three-stage rocket - similar in design to a model capable of carrying a nuclear-tipped warhead as far as California - raises the stakes in the international standoff over North Korea's expanding atomic arsenal. As Pyongyang refines its technology, its next step may be conducting its third nuclear test, experts warn.
South Korea's Defense Ministry said the satellite launched by the rocket is orbiting normally at a speed of 7.6 kilometers (4.7 miles) per second, though it's not known what mission it is performing. North Korean space officials say the satellite would be used to study crops and weather patterns.
I'm a stickler for detail.  So, just out of curiosity, doesn't one have to have crops if they are going to send up a satellite to monitor them?  Whose crops are being watched by North Korea?  With the exception of the military, most North Koreans end up eating tree bark soup.

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