Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let there be Light

Well, now you know...I live somewhere in the Hurricane Zone.  The electricity went out about 11PM last Monday when a huge, ancient oak decided to take a little back for Mother Gaia.  Oak trees aren't too smart, so when it took out some major power lines, it essensially killed itself.

I'm not one to shy away from any opportunity to wield a chain Mr. Oak is now drying out and waiting its turn to become carbon pollution via a woodstove.  Ah...the irony.

Regardless, the power came on about fifteen minutes ago...Ummm, let's see.  That was about four and a half days without juice.  No big deal.  But, now I know I am considered by MetEd to be one of their least important customers since over 96% of their other outages had already been taken care off.

I'm in the lower 4%.  I guess that means that you rich yahoos, and electric drinking troglodytes owe me stuff.  Isn't that how it works? Right?

PS:  Blogging will continue after I take care of some things...


Let me add something else, while I try to catch up.  City dwellers have no idea how to act or adapt.  They are babies.  Where I live, I have lost power at least seven times in the last year alone.  The October snow storm of 2011 took out power in my house for seven days.  The nearest grocery store is seven miles away (country do the snowstorm math).  Yet, I had no problem adjusting to the necessities of life.  I didn't waddle up to any TV cameras and whine, moan, and complain about how the rest of the country forgot about me.

City dwellers are a bunch of pansies that are so bent on immediate gratification and selfishness, that is is an ABSOLUTE pleasure to watch them self-destruct in the midst of a small bit of discomfort. 


Hmmmm...was that insensitive?  I freaking hope so. 

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