Saturday, November 3, 2012

Glad I could Help...enjoy the Hot Tub

CAPE MAY - There was a steady stream of people seeking assistance at the FEMA office Saturday morning that was set up downstairs at the Cape May Courthouse Library.
Among them was Rocio Day, 79, of West New York, who obtained a FEMA loan to make repairs on her second home on the bay here - one she has yet to see for the first time since Hurricane Sandy struck.
All Day said she knows is there is now four feet of dirt that the storm swept in from the road beneath the home that sits on stilts on Pierce's Point at Cape May Courthouse and that the roof was damaged. She was about to find out how badly.
"We're on our way to see it for the first time," Day said as she sat with her son, James Day, 47, and Laura Day, 43, at the FEMA office as the trio waited to get the documents for the loan. Day did not qualify for a FEMA grant since it was not her primary residence.
"The home is insured, but I want to make sure if the damage is extensive, I can get the money to fix it," Day said
Nice...nicely done.  Apparently, the purpose of the US taxpayer is to put capital up front so that others can do home improvement on their second homes (in this case, a beach house).  

Am I being over dramatic.  How about insensitive?  Am I being that?

Here you have a woman who owns a shore home that isn't her primary residence, and she qualified for the FEMA Loan (not the grant).   Well, you say, she has damage to deal with.  Surely she does...but she also has homeowner's insurance on the property.  She's covered...and now she has a nice tidy FEMA Loan to do a little home improvement and renovation...courtesy of the taxpayer.

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