Saturday, September 8, 2012

Michigan Disenfranchising Illegal Alien Vote

Yeah...the title is an eye catcher for a reason.  Until now, I have rolled my eyes at the Democrats who say that Voter ID requirements would disenfranchise minority voters who would be intimidated by the obligation to secure, and show ID (or some such nonsense).  Personally, I believe to suggest that minorities would be hampered is denigrating to minorities.   My opinion is that Voter ID would take away some (but not all) of the opportunistic cheating by the Left.  Even so, the argument has, perhaps, the slightest morsel of possiblity.  Not enough to consider, honestly...but a morsel.

However, in Michigan, another issue has risen, and it is hilariously telling of just why the Left is afraid of voting fraud policies such as Voter ID.  Check this out:

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson vows that a check-off box asking voters to confirm their U.S. citizenship will once again appear on November ballot applications, raising concerns among voting rights advocates who argue it’s unnecessary, intimidating and could suppress voting.
That's it.  All the Secretary of State wants is a check-off box on the ballot where the voter has to check "yes" or "no" when asked if they are a US Citizen.  It's on the honor system.  Of course, if you check "yes" and later are found to have misinformed, you have a problem with a felony violation of a Federal Law that is easily proven.

Now, answer me one simple question.  What possible objection could someone have to having to check a box stating whether the voter is a US Citizen or not?  What possible motive could you have to objection to this scant responsibility?  The only reason I could think of is that it would intimidate potential fraudulant voters from participating.  Non-US Citizens would be hanging their butts out there just daring those who enforce the law to throw the book at them (as they should). 

This isn't about having to secure a valid indentification.  This isn't about the difficulty involved in driving down to the DMV to obtain a free ID.   It isn't about inconvenience.  It is simply about cheating, and getting caught.

And the Democrats?  How do they see this simple box checking?

 “We should not subject 7.3 million voters to an interrogation — it’s a completely idiotic way to solve the problem,” said Jan BenDor, statewide coordinator for the affiliated Michigan Election Reform Alliance. “People are just stunned that any party would go after the building block of our democracy.”
What nonsense.  The only reason to object to this simple ballot alteration is that it will minorly discourage cheating.  End of story.

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