Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Massachusetts is Disenfranchised !!!

Having lived in New Hampshire for a number of years, I was alway amused, and then annoyed by all the Massachusetts Liberals who would bus it up to New Hampshire on election day.  At the time, the law stated that anyone could register to vote on the very day of the General Election without ID.  So, of course, Liberals from Massachusetts came up in droves to put the Democrat candidate(s) over the top. 

Not this year.

CONCORD – The U.S. Department of Justice has given the okay to the state's new photo identification law for upcoming elections.

The federal government had until Tuesday to make a decision on the law that will require voters to have a photo identification to vote beginning in November's general election.

The current governor of New Hampshire (a Democrat by the way) vetoed the bill previously, but the legislature was eventually able to get enough support to over turn the veto.  Interestingly enough, after five terms as governor, John Lynch is not running again in 2012 (the cynic in me says this is because, ummm,  he's a Democrat in a pretty Conservative state that, until 2012 had a deluge of Massachusetts Democrats coming up to vote for him...but they can't anymore). 

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