Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Joy Behar Still Beclowning Herself

I tuned into the Opie & Anthony Show yesterday.  Oh, wait,  The Opie & Jim Norton Show now, apparently.  Anthony said something insensitive and that seems to supersede all the other insensitive things that made up the show in general.

Anyway, Joy Behar was the guest being interviewed.  She seems to have this affliction where she points her finger and screeeeeeches  "Racist!!!!"  I think it's like Tourette's Syndrome. 

Her finger, yesterday, was pointing in many different directions, but firmly landed on Rush Limbaugh.  Her basis for such a pointing was Rush's parody song, "Barrack the Magic Negro"   This was a continuation of her ranting finger which has been pointing towards Rush since 2011 or before.

Newsbusters points out the obvious...but I will do so again.  Rush didn't create the term "Magic Negro."  That distinction rests firmly in the lap of an African-American columnist named David Ehrenstein at the Los Angeles Times.  Rush picked up on the term to highlight the hypocrisy of the Left.  This bit of subterfuge was a bit too high brow for poor Joy Behar, and she didn't get the "point."  Or, perhaps you need a sense of humor and a twist of irony to comprehend...none of which appear to be in Ms. Behar's repertoire.

So, three or four years go by and the ex-talk show host still hasn't taken the time to set her facts straight.  Carry-on Joy...beclown away.  Stay out of the wind.  A good stiff breeze blowing in your ear is likely to sound like a harmonica to the rest of us.

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